SBA PAC Endorse Gov Bevin and Daniel Cameron for AG

“Governor Matt Bevin has been a courageous pro-life leader throughout his time in office and our team aims to visit more than 200,000 voters across Kentucky before Election Day,” saidthe Honorable Marilyn Musgrave, former U.S. Congresswoman and SBA List Vice President of Government Affairs. “Andy Beshear is an extremist backed by the radical abortion lobby. Beshear turned his back on life and his job when he refused to defend popular pro-life legislation such as the Kentucky Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. He was rewarded with politicalfundraisersfeaturing local abortionists.

“Governor Bevin, by contrast, championed this pro-life law and others, ensuring that Kentucky women and children are protected from late-term abortion. SBA List Action PAC will work through Election Day to expose Beshear’s extremism and re-elect Governor Matt Bevin, a heroic pro-life leader who stands with the people of Kentucky.”

Attorney General Andy Beshear opposescommonsense legislation that would limit late-term abortion after five months of pregnancy, when unborn babies can feel intense pain. He has been endorsed by NARAL which supports abortion on-demand for minors, and supports forcing taxpayers to fund abortion.

SBA List Action PAC is tracking Beshear’s record on life at: