Kayaking for a Cause

My name is Joseph Solomon, and i suffer with mental illness. I became disabled in 2012 after slipping into a Catatonic state, and Kayaking helped me recover in so many ways. Now I want to help others by raising awareness for Mental Illness and getting donations to groups that help with this. I would like to support NAMI, and I also would also like to support the Youth Development program at Santa Maria. I want to support NAMI, because they provided support in my time of greatest need, as well as they support the families of people whom suffer with mental health issues. The reason I want to raise money for Santa Maria, is because they work with youth whom are, or once experienced mental health issues, or trauma. All donations go to Santa Marias Youth Development Program and NAMI. I currently work with the youth they serve, and see the need for the community, to get educated and out in nature.

On August 1st 2019 I plan to raise awareness for Mental Illness, as well as raise funds, through social media and on local news outlets, by kayaking the entire span of the Ohio River starting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and ending in Cairo, Illinois. The length of this trips is almost 981 miles. I plan on meeting with people along the way and raising awareness through one on one interactions with folks whom travel and live along the River, as well as will be talking with media outlets along the way. Any and all support helps!!