Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret - October 18-20

Army Green Beret Danny Patton is a modern-day warrior fighting battles that range from tribal Afghanistan to his own living room. As the corrosive gears of war rip apart his family, his integrity, and his soul, Danny is thrust into his final, eternal mission. On the other side, with Valhalla beckoning, he discovers that combat can be fueled by vengeance or by love… it just depends which price you are willing to pay. You’ve heard the war stories of the “first in.” This is the untold story of the LAST OUT.

LAST OUT began its theatrical journey as a one-person show when Scott was a student in Florida Studio Theatre’s ‘Flying Solo’ course. Working side by side with FST's Jason Cannon, Scott drew from both his experience as a Green Beret in combat and his training at FST to write and perform the play. Taking two years to complete, LAST OUT is based on true stories of war.