Empower U June 11th - What we know and what we don't know

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA

225 Northland Blvd

Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

Thursday, June 11, 2020

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

EmpowerU Studio to Reopen!  A Follow-Up to Our Class on April 14

  Mike Wilson and Dr. Rob Bulas will join our session at EmpowerU on June 11 in an important follow-up to our class on April 14.  The public is demanding accurate data and information about Covid-19 that the media is not providing. What you will learn from this important class is a data driven presentation on COVID 19–What we know, what we don’t know and the policy Implications.   Mike Wilson will provide you data on tracking the spread of the pandemic, some of what would be more medically focused. Dr. Rob Bulas will provide information about the disease itself, current treatments, scientific origin of our distancing protocols and impact on schools. Dr. Bulas will also give a unique overview critique of how we got here and where we go from her medically.

   Since our first class on COVID-19, EmpowerU has received many requests for an update of where we stand on COVID-19.  Don’t miss our update class on June 11.  This class will be hosted live as EmpowerU Studio re-opens.  The studio will accept 40 reservations for people who want to attend. Other guests are welcome to watch this class live on the internet by joining this class at the following link at 6:50 PM on June 11.  Click Here to join the webinar on June 11.  Register below if you plan to attend live–you must have a ticket to attend this class live at EmpowerU Studio.

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