Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas

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Chris Robinson for Kentucky Senate


Too often our communities lack the resources necessary to address social issues and outcomes. Strong communities demonstrate the ability to address the myriad of social issues from substance abuse to employment. Building stronger communities should include access to opportunities that allow our citizens to better their position in life. We need to ensure these resources are readily available to support our community.


I have often said the single greatest commodity that our District exports is labor. Our residents drive, often significant distances, to work in other areas of the state or out of state altogether. Aggressive recruitment of industry within our District, coupled with better access to educational development opportunities prepares our community for sustainability and growth. Small business opportunities and resources within our District are the foundation for a community to thrive. As a small business owner, I am committed to working to develop employment and business opportunities within the District.


We have various opportunities for the strategic development of infrastructure within our District. Access to clean drinking water, sanitation and transportation are significant items that need to be addressed. The continued growth in the Northern portion of our District will create a need for a comprehensive and strategic plan to address growth. I believe I have a vision for these opportunities.


Taxes and tax rates are universal discussion topics amongst most citizens. Alternate taxation plans should be continually reviewed for efficacy of effect. We need to critically review our spending habits and budgeting process as a method of controlling tax spend. No one wants more taxes. I will work to reduce tax burdens at every opportunity.

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