MH370 Crash Witness Emerges?

There may be a major break in the mystery of missing flight MH370 as an  Indonesian fisherman has emerged with claims of having seen the airliner  as it crashed. The alleged witness is reportedly named Rusli Khusmin and he shared his story at a press conference in  Kuala Lumpur earlier this week. According to the fisherman, he and his  crew were working in the waters of the Malacca Strait, which separates  Indonesia and Malaysia, on the fateful day in 2014 when MH370 vanished.

Khusmin recalled seeing the airliner "moving from left to right like a  broken kite" and he saw black smoke pouring out of the plane, presumably  due to some kind of fire on board. He also said that there was no noise  emanating from the jet and, intriguingly, remembered that the air was  filled with a strong acidic smell in the moments before the burning jet  plunged into the water. Perplexed by what he was seeing, Khusmin noted  the GPS coordinates of the scene and has since handed them over to  investigators.

While the fisherman's tale could be a stunning turn of events in the  case that has baffled the world for nearly five years, there are some  curious elements to his story that leave one wondering if it is genuine.  Find out what those are at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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