Couple Dumps 'Demon-Infested' Furniture

A couple in Namibia stunned a security worker at a landfill over the weekend when they dropped off several pieces of perfectly good furniture from their home because they believe the items are possessed. The bizarre scene reportedly unfolded at a dump in the town of Ongwediva on Sunday evening when an unnamed man and his wife arrived at the site and began unloading a jaw-dropping array of objects from their home. Included among the ditched possessions were a pair of sofas, a television, a kitchen cabinet, some bed sheets, and even cooking utensils.

Bewildered by what he was seeing, the security guard became even more astonished when he learned the couple's reason for getting rid of the items. The man explained that they had removed every piece of black furniture from their home because the objects were "demonic" and that "God revealed to me in my dream that I should throw them away." His wife echoed her husband's sentiments, lamenting that her attempts to sleep on the two-year-old sofa were consistently plagued by evil visions.

More on this bizarre story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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