This Week's Weird News

A possible Ogopogo sighting, a new lead in the decades-old Amber Room mystery, and an odd mass discovered beneath the surface of the moon were among the strange and unusual stories which popped up on our radar this week.

Much like the Amelia Earhart disappearance and the Jack the Ripper case, nearly every year seems to bring a new development in the mystery of the infamous Amber Room. The ornate set of gold and amber panels from a Russian palace was pilfered by the Nazis during World War II and never seen again after the conflict ended. This week saw the latest treasure hunter making bold claims about having possibly found the elusive riches, leaving us to wonder if the search may finally be over or if it's yet another dead end.

Sea creatures stole the spotlight this week when it comes to unusual oddities in the news with a pair of sightings on both sides of the Atlantic. First, a man in British Columbia captured video of what he believes is Canada's famed lake monster Ogopogo, but an area expert on the creature wasn't quite so sure. Not to be outdone, over in Scotland, the purported Loch Ness Monster made another appearance to the amazement of a couple who managed to film the encounter.

The wonders of space were a big part of the news cycle this past week, with a trio of intriguing stories making headlines. Astronomers announced the discovery of a giant mysterious mass located beneath the surface of the moon, sparking alien speculation in some quarters. Hopes that ET may be somewhere out in the cosmos was dealt a blow when researchers suggested that the number of planets believed to be habitable was probably a lot fewer than previously thought. And, NASA shared a humorous image of Mars that appeared to feature the Star Trek Starfleet logo on the surface of the Red Planet.

You can check out more strange and unusual stories from the past week at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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