Mystery Booms Rock Communities in Multiple States Across America

The puzzling mystery boom phenomenon flummoxed residents of three different communities spread out across the country this past weekend. The most highly publicized case occurred on Saturday afternoon when people in Wichita, Kansas and several surrounding cities and towns reported hearing an enormous and inexplicable boom. The event caused something of a stir on social media, resulted in numerous calls to local police departments, and generated a considerable amount of attention from area television stations.

"You could almost feel the air pressure from the wave, ground shook, real loud noise," recalled one witness to a local newscast. "My wife thought I was crazy I think," said another resident who heard the sound, "she was telling me to calm down." Fortunately, unlike a number of mystery boom cases we've seen in the past, this cause of this particular event appears to have been determined as the American Meteor Society reported that they received around three dozen phone calls from people in the area who said that they had seen a fireball in the sky. This would seem to indicate that a meteor may be to blame for the boom.

Meanwhile, a more mysterious boom in the early morning hours of Sunday in Athena, Oregon, where, once again, multiple people reported hearing a thunderous sound that, in some cases, shook their homes. "It was a loud boom that lasted a long time and rattled the walls," said one witness. Two other individuals who heard the sound likened it to an explosion of some kind, while another person said that they initially thought it was a car accident. Oddly enough, there were also residents who live alongside these witnesses who indicated that they heard nothing at all.

More on this strange story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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