BORDER SECURITY: BUILD THE WALL NOW...US family, kids brutally murdered ...


< br />Mexico is a failed state and enough is enough. When will the media and politicians recognize the danger on the border? At least three American mothers and six children -- US CITIZENS -- were just brutally murdered by drug cartels in northern Mexico. More were injured, including young babies. They were living with a Mormon community in the region, and were reportedly traveling to America to celebrate a wedding. One gunman reportedly opened fire on a small boy as he tried to run away. Others were burned alive inside their vehicle. One brother hid his young, wounded siblings in the bushes as he ran to get help from a neighboring village. Mexico is a NARCO STATE, and the drug cartels are in control. American politicians need to do two things: we need to build a wall on our southern border, and we need to change our drug laws. President Trump has recognized the danger there...when will the left?

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

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