Plants of the Week - June 30th 2018



‘Fireworks’ Fountain Grass - Colorful, upright growing annual grass with variegated stripes of white, green, burgundy and hot pink running the length of the blade. Purple tassles appear in summer. Unlike the species, this cultivar does not reseed.  Plant as a specimen or in mass for a stunning display of color.  A great addition to containers and beds near your patio or deck.



Fourth of July Tomato – Also called ‘Independence Day Tomato,’ it’s one of the earliest tomatoes, ripening in 65 days or less from the time plants are set out in the garden, and can produce ripe fruit by July 4 in a typical climate.  Early to bear, dependable, disease resistant, and tons of fruit.  And the flavor is pretty darned good as well.  Great in the ground or in containers. 

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