Herbs for Healing

As we “grow along” together, I’ll share in depth some good information on my favorite individual herbs. But today I wanted to give you a quick list of my  top 10 healing herbs that you can grow yourself. I love the fact that herbs not only taste good, they’re good for you!


Basil:  Harmonizes the spirit, is good for breath, and helps relieve nausea.

Dill:  Build strong bones with calcium-laden dill; dill is also good for gas and allergies.

Lavender:  This calming herb is used in sleep pillows and is soothing to the skin. Apply a tiny amount directly on insect bites.

Mint:  The vitamin C in mint helps digestion,  ease coughs and sore throats; topically it relieves sore muscles.

Parsley:  This helps flush out kidney toxins, relives cramps and contains blood-building iron.

Rosemary:  High in anti-oxidants, rosemary helps prevent cancers and is good for itchy skin.

Oregano:  Lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants make this the all around medicinal herb of choice.

Sage:  Opens airways, soothes sore throats and reduces swelling when used topically.

Tarragon: Herb of the year for 2014.  Helps lower blood pressure.

Thyme:  An ingredient in medicines and toothpastes, thyme helps soothe an upset tummy.  Good for sore throats.