Winterberry, which is a deciduous of Ilex, is a fantastic accent to Christmas arrangements. With a variety of colors of berries, the stems make excellent accents to evergreens.



Although there are many varieties of Ilex, for color sake, we will look at red, red-orange, orange and yellow.

Ilex verticillata Is the red berried form of winterberry.



Ilex verticillata ‘Afterglow’ will have a red-orange berry.



Ilex verticillata ‘Wintergold’ will have orange to pinkish berries.



Ilex v. ‘Chrysocarpa’ will have a true yellow fruit.



Deciduous Ilex does make an attractive plant in the landscape. This is Ilex v. "Stoplight':


Since plants are dioecious, you need to plant a male and female near each other knowing only the female will produce fruit.

Enjoy your décor! Happy Holidays!

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