No-fail plant combinations

We know one of the greatest struggles in gardening is putting together the right combinations of plants. We are making gardening simple with some no-fail plant combinations.

What combinations will brighten my shade border?

Create a stunning planting in the shady parts of your garden by using simple combinations. A great place to start is with a shade garden favorite likeHostaand pair with some shade loving plants.


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Container Garden Combinations

Container Gardens are great to dress up your entry and add great color to your deck or patio. What should you plant together in your container? Here are some fun combinations.





Begonia,Sweet Potato Vine&Coleus

What combination will soften my hardscape?

Let nature soften your hardscapes by planting a combinations of a small tree, shrubs, and perennials. A Pro Tip: Place taller plants close to your patio then gradually decrease the size.

Plant small patio trees like

Japanese Maple

Add Texture and Blooms

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Bring Color & Fragrance