These weepers are the perfect accent tree even for smaller gardens!

Cascade Falls Weeping Bald Cypress

It has a beautiful bronze fall color and its interesting bark may be enjoyed in winter. It makes an excellent specimen.  Learn more!

Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry

It makes a beautiful specimen for lawns or small garden areas..Learn more!

Ruby Falls Redbud

Creates a beautiful focal point for patio areas and small gardens  Learn more!

Weeping Peashrub

It is tolerant of a wide variety of conditions. Use an a specimen plant in beds and foundation plantings..Learn more!

Ryusen Weeping Japanese Maple

A strong variety effective as an accent or specimn tree that is very dramatic when placed with a dark backdrop. Learn more!

Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud

It is a bit more upright than other weeping forms and makes an excellent focal point for patio plantings and beds...Learn more!