Trump Sets Up Democrats and Media (But They Don’t Know It Yet)

RUSH: And here we go again, folks. Here we go again. Donald Trump sets 'em up, they haven't figured it out yet. I'm kind of reluctant to explain it here 'cause I don't want 'em to figure it out, but I gotta explain it so that you get it. Everybody calm down here.

So Donald Trump says, "Yeah, if some foreign bad guys call me with dirt on Crooked Hillary, sure, I think about taking it." Except the Mueller report is filled with evidence that the Russians tried to offer Trump dirt and he didn't take it! That's what the Mueller report conclusion is, that the Russians made numerous attempts to infiltrate the Trump campaign, that they made numerous attempts to pass off dirty information on Crooked Hillary, and the Trump campaign didn't take it.

So here's Trump with Stephanopoulos, "Yeah, if the bad guys call, sure, I'd think about taking it." Meanwhile, they took it! Not only did they take it, they solicited it! And they paid for it! They went out there, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, they paid Christopher Steele, they paid Fusion GPS, they paid $6 million for this, for opposition research.

It was dirt. It was lies. It was made up from foreign agents in different countries. From the U.K., from the Soviet -- well, Russia, and then Ukraine and who knows wherever else that Steele went trying to concoct information.

And the Mueller report makes it plain as day that there were numerous attempts to infiltrate and to pass the information along, and the Trump campaign didn't take it. So here's Trump with Stephanopoulos -- why? Would somebody explain to me why, a two-day, no-holds-barred, even put him in the limo driving Stephanopoulos around.

Look, when Good Morning America calls you, it isn't ABC calling you, it's the Hillary Clinton war room calling you. When George Stephanopoulos calls and wants to come by and do an interview, you may as well understand that it's the Hillary Clinton operation calling you, that it's the Clinton operation, not just Hillary, but Bill and everybody involved in that, Donna Brazile, who's now working over at Fox.

And it is effectively the Democrat National Committee calling and wanting access and Trump granted it. I'm gonna go back. Grab audio sound bite 4. This is me, April 15, four years ago on this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: When Good Morning America calls you, understand it’s not Good Morning America, it’s the Hillary Clinton campaign calling you because George Stephanopoulos is at Good Morning America and where he really works is the Hillary campaign, or the Bill Clinton war room.

You would no more accept invitation to be interviewed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign consultant, so why would you accept an invitation to be interviewed by Hillary’s campaign consultant disguised as an anchor on Good Morning America?

I know, it’s a challenging exercise to come up with alternative means here of reaching the American people. But one of the ways, this is a great field of candidacies that the Republicans have who can reach the American people by going over the heads of the media, and they should not be afraid to do so.

RUSH: And Trump does go over their heads but, you know, Trump, despite what everybody says and despite what everybody thinks, Trump loves the media and he loves these things. He loves Stephanopoulos coming in. And I think Trump likes to plant little bombs with these people. I think he likes to tweak 'em, and I think that's what this was.

I mean, it's so damned obvious. Here's Stephanopoulos all earnest (imitating Stephanopoulos), "Hey, hey, if a foreign government called you, if they had dirt on your opponent, would you take it?"

And Trump knows the drill here. (paraphrasing) "Sure. Sure, I’d take it." And plus Trump says, “This business of calling the FBI, nobody would call the FBI! Nobody calls the FBI! You deal with it or you deal with it some other way! Nobody calls the FBI!"

Stephanopoulos says, "Well, Algore called the FBI when he got somebody's briefing book." Trump said, "Briefing book's a different thing. That's absolute theft. This is just somebody offering me information."

In addition to that, don't forget that Pencil Neck actually accepted a phone call from people he thought were legitimate members of the Ukraine government that were gonna pass on information to Trump kompromat about Trump hiring the prostitutes to pee on the bed in Moscow. So little Pencil Neck was eager to accept information from foreign actors on a political opponent.

The difference here, folks, is very simple, but it's gonna go past the vast majority of Americans because of the way the media is covering this. Trump talks about it, but he didn't do it. Mueller report, he didn't do it. The Democrats do it! And they're having conniption fits today over the fact that Trump said he might do it, yeah, he would do it. Meanwhile, they do it! They did it!

Ted Kennedy wrote the Soviet Union during the Reagan presidency begging them not to nuke us and instead wait until the Democrats could get rid of Reagan, everything would be back to normal. The idea that the Russians are only trying to impact and influence Republicans, the Democrats had an ongoing symbiotic relationship with them, Soviet Union then Russia for years.

Trump didn't do it. He talks about it. It's no different than they're trying to say that Trump obstructed justice by thinking about ways to end the investigation. He didn't obstruct justice. He didn't end the investigation. Firing Comey was not obstructing justice.

So they try to say that Trump violated federal law, committed the obstruction of justice act over and over and over again simply 'cause he wanted the investigation to end even though he didn't do anything. So we're constantly told how Trump hates the real news media. He'll only appear on Fox, and yet here he is taking Stephanopoulos around in the Beast, the official presidential limousine.

But it's fascinating to watch this 'cause it – (interruption) Why do I call it a setup? Well, the reason I call it a setup is because the Democrats have actually done it! Trump is forcing these people to go on the record steadfast opposition to this while Barr and Durham are conducting an operation to find out what kind of illegal activity there was between the investigators and Russia and other foreign actors in order to sabotage the Trump campaign and then the Trump presidency.

So Trump is forcing all these people to go public here with their outrage over just thinking about doing it, saying it's illegal, it's unpresidential, it's un-American, and the day is gonna come where everybody's gonna know that the Democrats did it, that Hillary Clinton did it. And it's gonna be very difficult for these clowns have been conniption fits today to walk it all back, once Barr and Durham make their findings clear.

That's why I think part of this is a set -- Trump is not stupid. Don't care what anybody thinks, he's not stupid. And Stephanopoulos did not sandbag him. Stephanopoulos did not set him up, did not catch him in a moment of when his guard was down, or he was not prepared.

Another thing about Trump, he is brazenly honest. Which also flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that Trump is this lying pig, can't tell the truth to save his life. The fact is the guy is over-the-top honest, almost a stream of consciousness honesty that he has.

So the Drive-Bys are treating this now as a tacit admission that Trump would have colluded, he would have if he'd been given the chance, and that's almost as bad as colluding. Except for the fact that the august Mueller report says that Trump was given numerous opportunities to collude with the Russians, and he did not!

Contrast that with Hillary Clinton, who in fact did get dirt from foreign governments on Trump, even paid for it. And it was made up. It was manufactured. All lies, paid to foreign governments, foreign agents, you name it, the mother of all getting dirt on your political opponents.

When Hillary hired a law firm to hire a foreign spy to hire former Russian intelligence agents in Russia to make up dirt on Donald Trump! And has Stephanopoulos or anybody in the Drive-By Media ever asked Hillary about that? Not a single person. No time ever has Hillary Clinton been asked about it. Kevin McCarthy went out today and did a press conference after Pelosi. He's the Republican leader in the House. He spelled all of this out exactly as I am explaining it to you. He spelled it all out.

The Drive-By Media is sitting there, and not one of them is gonna take what he said and run down the street and ask Hillary Clinton about it. They might discuss it amongst themselves on the panel discussions in cable news. You know what they'll say? (impression) "Well, Mr. McCarthy is conflating two different things. What Hillary was doing was not opposition research. What Hillary Clinton was doing was gathering intel, gathering intelligence on a perhaps criminal opponent." That's what they're gonna say. "Hillary wasn't doing oppo research. She was gathering intelligence.

"She was using intelligence agents to gather intelligence. Hillary Clinton was running a counterintel investigation." They will never admit she was running oppo research. But to... I guess the lesson here is, it's okay to do it if you're the Clintons and the Democrats. It's okay to do this. But it is not okay to talk about it. If you talk about it, if you say you might or you would accept dirt from foreign sources (even though you haven't done it), "Ohhhh, that's very bad. We gotta get rid of you! You pose a great threat." (laughing)

Now, because of this comment... This is another reason why I think there's a bit of tweaking going on. The Democrats are all wringing their hands now. (impression) "The 2020 election is gone! It's over. I mean, Trump's offer... Trump is sending the signal that he's gonna accept dirt on our nominee from all of these foreign countries. He's telling North Korea, he's telling the ChiComs, he's telling the Russians that if they've got dirt on the Democrat, that he'll listen to it."

That's the next thing they're doing. They're very worried that Trump has sent signals with this interview answer to Stephanopoulos that he's open to accepting (laughing) all dirt from Kim Jong-un, from Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin. (laughing) They're out there and they are wringing their hands. But they are making it clear -- they're establishing today -- that they don't think the 2020 election's gonna be fair. It isn't gonna be legit, it's not gonna be proper, what have you.

These people are doing more to damage the integrity of our electoral system than any of these foreign actors could have ever hoped to. Let me know take a brief time-out. We'll come back and hear some of the bites for all this, and we're gonna go back and revisit... We're gonna go back and revisit little Pencil Neck getting scammed by a couple of comedians pretending to be Ukrainian sources with dirt on Trump and the prostitutes. Adam Schiff was willingly and eagerly pursuing dirt on Donald Trump from foreign sources.


RUSH: So we've got Barack Obama interfering in campaigns in Israel by advising opponents to Netanyahu. You have the Democrats openly violating the law with the illegal immigration, promoting illegal immigration -- and who knows how destabilizing all of that is? You got the Democrat Party in California registering to vote people who are not citizens. You have all of these things that constitute tampering with the electoral process, all of these things that are gray areas or outright violations of the law, and the Democrat Party's right in there.

Not to mention Hillary Clinton, the Steele dossier, buying and paying foreign actors to provide false information to use against a presidential opponent. You've got all that actually happening and happened. You got Donald Trump in a limousine with George Stephanopoulos, saying, "Yeah, if Norway called me, I might take it. I might take it." He didn't take it. The Mueller report, Mueller dossier makes clear that Trump was offered countless opportunities to take dirt from the Russians and didn't do it.

CNN has not done one other story (I've had spies watching) since 6 a.m. They've broken away twice to talk about Iran torpedoing a couple of tankers, but they have not dropped this story. They've had everybody on. (laughing) They're playing sound bites from MSNBC and the guests over there. They've had Brennan in there. They've had Clapper on. They have had everybody who was a big star during the 2-1/2 years of the Mueller investigation brought in, and they're being treated as though all of that has now been validated, and that Mueller may as well have found collusion because Trump just admitted today that he would have done it.

Except, he didn't.

So let's go to the audio sound bites where all of this started. We're up to number 5. This is Stephanopoulos. Who knows, really, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a grand strategery here to try to set the Democrats and the media up, because this investigation is ongoing. In fact, the New York Times has a story... Are you ready for this? The New York Times has a story today that the DOJ, under the auspices of Barr and Durham, are now going to interview CIA agents over their role in this -- and the CIA is livid!

"How dare you tell us that the FBI is gonna come in and challenge us!" The CIA's admitting they're spies. What the hell are you gonna do? They're livid they have to undergo this. They are livid that they have to be accountable here. It's not the FBI doing the investigating of the CIA, It's the DOJ, and CIA people (the agents) are livid over this. Anyway, here's the bite. Stephanopoulos said, "Should Don Jr. have gone to the FBI when he got that note about the Russians having dirt on Hillary?"

THE PRESIDENT: Okay. Let's put yourself in a position. You're a congressman. Somebody comes up and says, "Hey, I have information on your opponent." Do you call the FBI?

STEPHANOPOULOS: If it's coming from Russia, you do.

THE PRESIDENT: I've seen a lot of things over my life. I don't think, in my whole life, I've ever called the FBI -- in my whole life. You don't call the FBI. You throw somebody out of your office. You do whatever you're gonna do --

STEPHANOPOULOS: Algore got a stolen briefing book. He called the FBI.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, that's different, a stolen briefing book. This is somebody that said, "We have information on your opponent." " Oh, let me know call the FBI." Give me a break. Life doesn't work that way.


RUSH: You notice, "If the Russians did... If the Russians called..." They're so... They're gonna make this work or they're gonna go out of existence trying. They're either gonna make this work -- they're finally gonna get Trump thrown out of office because he colluded with Russia and stole the election -- or they're gonna be committing political suicide. One or the other. They're not gonna give this up. They're not gonna give this up, I don't care how long it goes.

It could go 10 years; they're not gonna give this up. They're hell-bent. They are committed. They are going to "prove," quote-unquote. Even though it didn't happen. They're gonna prove that the 2016 election was stolen. They're gonna prove that Hillary won it. They're gonna prove that Trump cheated. They're gonna prove the Russians did it or they're gonna die trying. They can't give it up. They can't move on. I don't think they have any idea how they look.

There is another series of stories today about the plummeting ratings at MSNBC and CNN. And over at MSNBC the news director there is Andy Lack, who used to be a great, great, great news director at NBC News. The story is that he's just really puzzled and he's really livid. They've lost 32% of the audience or some such thing since the Mueller report came out. They're looking at changing staff during the daytime shows, they're doing any number of things to try to stop the bleeding there, and yet they continue to program the stuff that is responsible for their bleeding their audience dry.

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