Ohio Couple Recreates 'Seinfeld' And 'Friends' Sets For Themed Airbnbs

Photo: Getty Images

An Ohio couple has created the perfect Airbnb for sitcom fans.

Brenda and Otto Baum and their crew worked for months in order to make short-term renters feel like they're living in a real-life television show in their "Sitcom Suites," which were based off of Friends and Seinfeld. “We really wanted it to feel like you were literally on a set,” Otto Baum told WSMV-4. “If you look at these sets, the walls don’t go all the way up. It’s imaginary. It’s not real. The door and entry way in Seinfeld I wanted to be perfect because you see Kramer come through that door so many times.”

The couple came up with the idea during the pandemic. Brenda and Otto would watch the shows with their kids for hours. They put their plan into action in October, and it took months to find all the furnishings, pictures and more that matched. But due to their commitment, they said that fans of the shows will probably notice details from specific episodes. “There’s board games and an episode [in Friends] with The Shining… so we have The Shining in the freezer,” Brenda Baum said.

“I think it’ll be unique to each person but essentially take you back to a time and place,” he said. “That’s what I envision.”

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