The Rudest City In Ohio

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When it comes to the rudest cities in America, everyone has their bad days, even people living in states known for Southern hospitality or being "Midwestern Nice." Sometimes life gets to be too much and your anger and annoyance slips out and affects your interactions with others. compiled a list of the rudest cities in the country, finding the top spot in each state with the snarkiest and aggravated residents where "grumps flock to."

Maybe it's the frustrating rush hour traffic that seems to go on and one or people are coming off a long day at work and just want to get home, but Cincinnati was named the rudest city in all of Ohio. In another report, Cincinnati, along with Cleveland and Columbus, ranked among the 50 rudest cities in the country, with Cleveland taking taking the top spot in the Buckeye State.

Here's what the site had to say:

"Midwest nice is a thing, but it must not apply in Cincinnati. The city ranked highly on a 2015 poll of rudest cities, and some voters chimed in that it's just downright boring there too."

Check out the full list at to read up on the rudest cities in the country.

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