Ohio Restaurant Serves The Best Waffles In The State

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Who doesn't love waffles? The crispy and fluffy sweet treat is a mainstay of breakfast cuisine but in recent years it has also cemented itself as a versatile dish thanks to its popular sweet and savory combo of chicken and waffles. Whether you're more of a traditional waffles-and-syrup kind of person or one who craves a unique twist on the classic, there are plenty of great restaurants and diners around the country that serve up the fluffy favorite.

Using reviews, awards and accolades, and first-hand experience, LoveFood compiled a list of the best waffle restaurant in each state "from old-school waffle houses to restaurants known for piled-high sweet and savory selections."

According to the site, Ohio's best waffle restaurant is Wally Waffle. This restaurant has a full menu of tasty breakfast food, but the waffles are a definite must-try, with flavorful options like the Elvis Waffle, Buckeye Waffle, Better Day Waffle, Apple Pie Waffle, and many more. Wally Waffle has three locations around Akron. Find your nearest one by visiting the restaurant's website.

This is what LoveFood had to say about the best waffle restaurant in all of Ohio:

"Those lucky enough to have a Wally Waffle nearby (there are restaurants in Akron, Tallmadge, and Montose) could be forgiven for feeling a little smug. Because, whether you order from the permanent menu — ordering waffles topped with fruit, nuts, or fried chicken — or choose a seasonal, you're guaranteed a freshly made, fluffy yet nicely crisp waffle, served with the best ingredients. Regulars say the line is often long but, for good-value waffles that taste this good, it's worth the wait."

To see more of the best waffle restaurants around the country, check out the full list at lovefood.com.

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