Ohio Destination Named The 'Most Charming Small Town' In The State

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America may be best known for the hustle and bustle of its major cities, the destinations that bring in millions of tourists each year, but it's the small towns found throughout this vast country that add character and flavor to the U.S. Reader's Digest searched for the "most charming small towns" around the country, compiling a list of the top spot for each state, from a gorgeous mountain town in Alaska to a sunny coastal haven in Florida.

According to the site, the most charming small town in Ohio is Lebanon, a small city outside of Cincinnati that offers its own unique attractions away from the popular city. Reader's Digest added that one thing you won't want to miss while in Lebanon is stopping by the Village Ice Cream Parlor and Golden Turtle Chocolate Factory for a treat that will make any sweet-tooth happy. Additionally, RD suggests staying at the Golden Lamb, the state's oldest continuously operating business.

Here's what RD had to say:

"You'll swear you stepped back in time in Lebanon, a southwest Ohio town known for its tree-lined downtown streets dotted with antiques shops. The LM&M Railroad runs right through downtown, taking passengers on nostalgic countryside rides."

Check out the full Reader's Digest list to see more of the most charming small towns in the country.

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