Donald Trump Wins North Dakota Caucuses

Former President Donald Trump Speaks At Mar-a-Lago In Florida

Photo: Alon Skuy / Getty Images News / Getty Images

After suffering his first loss in the Washington, D.C., Republican primary on Sunday, former President Donald Trump bounced back with an easy victory in the North Dakota caucuses on Monday (March 4).

Trump is expected to collect over 60% of the vote and take all 29 of the state's delegates. If he does, that would give him 273 delegates. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley trails Trump with just 43 delegates.

Trump has won all but one primary contest heading into Super Tuesday, but he will not be able to secure the 1,215 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination for president. However, with a strong showing, Trump could build an insurmountable lead over Haley and increase pressure on her to suspend her campaign and drop out of the race.

Despite winning just one contest so far, Haley has vowed to keep fighting while all of the other Republican nominees dropped out.

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