Stop the Bleed Program

Stop the Bleed ( ) is a national campaign that teaches the lay person how to implement effective bleeding control techniques (tourniquets, wound packing & hemostatic dressings) in the face of life-threatening hemorrhage. This initiative was created after the Sandy Hook shooting and Boston Marathon bombing and supported by the White House, Department of Homeland Security, US Fire Administration, FBI, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and many more. More lives can be saved if people are trained in basic bleeding control techniques.  A majority of the time the first responders are unable to reach the victims in these situations and the people involved in the casualty become the first responders. The University of Cincinnati-Division of Trauma and Surgical Critical care has partnered with the American College of Surgeons to bring the STOP the Bleed program to the community. So far we have trained over 1000 people.  This training is not meant to scare anyone but to provide basic  tools and information to be used in an emergency situation. This is similar to the use of CPR or automatic defibrillators.  For more information please go to