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Street Rescue Event Planned in Avondale 5/30

Removing Community Guns from the streets.

Bethlehem Baptist Church,

760 N. Fred Shuttlesworth Cir. Cincinnati, OH 45229

Saturday May 30th, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Cincinnati -Street Rescue, Inc. founder, Charles Tassell announced the next Community Gun Turn-in event for May 30th, 2020. Street Rescue’s event, partnering with Dale Mallory and the ‘Put down the Guns, Pick up the Gloves,’ will accept community guns at:

“With the spike in shootings in Cincinnati this spring,especially with children being harmed, Street Rescue is returning to help provide a safe manner for Community guns to be taken off the streets. If you know where a community gun is hidden, please bring it in. Street Rescue accepts all weapons and ammunition – no questions asked. A gift card will be given as a form of appreciation for helping to clean up and make our community safer!” Stated Charles Tassell

“Additionally, we will provide discounted gun safety training for anyone who is interested!”

Former Rep. Dale Mallory, “If we want violence to stop, we need to do our part. Stop by and drop off any community gun you know of - no questions asked!”

Pastor Floyd Walkerof Bethlehem Baptist Church stated, “We are pushing back against the violence of May 5th- Everyone is welcome to participate in this effort to reduce violence – it’s up to each of us to help out!”

Rufus Johnson, a certified trainer with Real Truth Inc. said, “In light of the recent tragedies, we are here to help provide discounted gun safety training.”

More information on Street Rescue, Inc. can be found at


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