Taft Lecture Series Announces Latest Lecture Holocaust by Bullets

The latest installment of the popular Taft Lecture Series, presented by Christ Church Cathedral in partnership with Xavier University, welcomes historian and theologian Father Patrick Desbois on Tuesday, October 9, at 7 P.M. at the Cintas Center. Desbois will discuss the 10-year investigation, conducted by his organization Yahad-In Unum, into the lost history of the "Holocaust by Bullets" as documented in his second book, "In Broad Daylight: The Secret Procedures Behind the Holocaust by Bullets."http://bit.ly/2wlj7eO

Father Patrick Desbois is the founder and president of Yahad-In Unum (“Together in One”), a Paris-based global NGO dedicated to discovering genocidal practices wherever they manifest around the world.

Published in January, “In Broad Daylight” assembles a chilling account of the Einsatzgruppen (Nazi Death Squads) their mass killings in seven countries formerly part of the Soviet Union during WWII. The book shows how the Nazis were able to make local villages complicit in the public execution of their Jewish neighbors.

The accompanying art exhibit, “Holocaust By Bullets: Yahad-In Unum - 10 Years of Investigations”, will be on display in Christ Church Cathedral’s Gallery South from October 9 to November 28 and features freestanding modules that spring from the work of the Paris – based non-profit and Fr. Desbois.

Christ Church Cathedral proudly partners with Xavier University, Holocaust & Humanity Center, Cincinnati Coalition Against Hate, and Yahad - In Unum to present these events.

Doors open at 6 and the presentation begins at 7pm. Interested attendees can secure free tickets at: www.Eventbrite.com.