2018 Official White House Ornament

About the 2018 Official White House Ornament:


  • This year’s ornament features: the Truman Balcony, the Presidential Seal and the Blue Room. President Truman led the largest White House renovation in history from 1948-1952, gutting the building to only the original exterior walls while the interiors were removed and reinstalled. The renovation was desperately needed as the White House was deemed not structurally sound following a century and a half of additions, renovations and rebuilding. The balcony was added to the South Portico during the extensive renovation. The top of the ornament bears the presidential seal, redesigned by President Truman so that the eagle’s head faces the olive branches of peace, instead of the spears of war.
  • Each ornament in the collection tells a different story about the history of the White House.