Cincinnati State Active Shooter Workshop


OverviewThis intense 4-hour, awareness-level course is designed for employers,employees and security professionals to better understand:

Lessons learned from current research on active shooter (killer) incidentsLegal considerations of an active shooter (killer) incident at your workplaceA review of active shooter (killer) incidents in the U.S. and overseas – with an emphasis on patterns and trendsHow to prepare, as an individual and as an organization, to avoid, deter or delay an active shooter (killer) incident“Hardening” your facilities, improving your procedures, and training your greatest assets: your people and yourselfEquipment considerations (safety, medical, etc.)Training considerations (both individual and organizational)Communication (both internal and external, to include 9-1-1)What happens AFTER the incident (employee needs, business continuity, and liability/risk considerations)Course FeaturesAll content has been developed and created by industry leading subject matter experts with years of operational experience. The course material is reviewed at least annually by instructional designers.For More InformationBob Cutajar, Program Coordinator

Cincinnati State Workforce Development Center

10100 Reading Rd.Cincinnati, OH. 45241

Office (513) 569-5731

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