Live in the Northwest Local School District? Important Information 

November 2019

The NWLSD is considering the proposing of a levy in November of 2019, here is one of the reasons why ....

  • The State of Ohio has reduced funding for Northwest Local Schools:
  • The State of Ohio's school funding system has been found to be unconstitutional for the last 30 years.
  • Funding system states that tax payers in the NWLSD must pay 60% of the needed funds for our schools
  • The following cuts by the state of Ohio have taken money away from NWLSD over the past 10-15 years:
  • Tangible Personal Property Tax -We lose $4.4 million annually
  • Transportation reimbursement -We lose $1 million per year due to reductions
  • Cost of Doing Business -An additional $2 million lost in funding
  • Scholarships to parochial schools -We are required to spend $1.8 million in funding yearly.
  • Students in community schools - (Online, charter, and open enrollment schools) -a loss of $1.9 million per year.
  • Combined, over $11 million in annual funding has been lost over the past several years.
  • Despite these cuts, the NWLSD has not asked for new funds since 2007.

 If you ever have any questions regarding this or any other  

 topic, please feel free to reach out to NWLSD at 513-923-  


Todd Bowling, Superintendent
Amy M. Wells, CFO/Treasurer