Kevin talks with Eric Faber RE: the EU tariffs on products coming to the US


To submit written testimony in regards to proposed USTR Action on French Sparkling Wines as a result of the French Digital Services Tax, visit and search for USTR-2019-0009. Written testimony must be delivered by Monday, January 6 to be considered.

To submit written testimony in regards to the USTR Action regarding the potential tariff increases on ALL European wines as a result of the WTO ruling against the EU and Airbus, visit and search for USTR-2019-0003. Written testimony must be submitted by Monday, January 13 to be considered.

When submitting written testimony to the USTR it is important to note that these comments will be on the public record, so we have been advised that being factual about the impact this would have on your business is the best possible way to make the argument successful. It is important to note the type of your business and number of employees, the significance of the affected products to your company, and the economic impact that you would anticipate if the tariff is imposed, both in profitability and potential downsizing needs as a result. If you are submitting as an individual who works for a business that will affected, noting the potential loss of income and benefits is important. If you are a consumer who buys wine or affected goods, noting the change in your ability to purchase these products and therefore the loss of revenue for small business is important. 

For any who submit testimony, it is important to note that by creating job loss and stifling the sales of products will ultimately lead to lower tax revenue for local and state governments as well as the and the Federal Government. 

To contact your elected officials, you can visit to find contact information. 

While we are not a political organization, we hope you agree this is not a political issue but rather an economic issue that could be devastating to all. Cutting Edge, our team, and our suppliers and import partners strongly urge you to use all possible avenues to help fight against this. Tell your employees and peers in the industry to take action and urge anyone you can think of who will be affected to speak out as well.

Truly, it seems our only hope is for the USTR to be made aware of the potentially crippling affect these actions could have for our industry, on our businesses, in the lives of our employees, and subsequently on our economy as a whole. No matter your political beliefs, these actions will certainly have serious repercussions for all of us.

below is the petition to sign