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Joe Dills - Running for State Rep in Clermont County - Ohio 65th District


Taxes and Regulations

Under President Trump and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we have seen record high employment, the lowest black unemployment in history, the lowest Hispanic unemployment in history, lowest women unemployment in history, the highest median income in history, and unprecedented GDP growth. Thanks to the elimination of burdensome regulations, we have seen an extraordinary boom in industries like manufacturing. I will continue to support these policies if elected to the House of Representatives.


Joe Dills is pro-life, no exceptions. Period. He will always stand up for the unborn and will never allow groups like Planned Parenthood or the ACLU scare him into supporting pro-choice legislation.

2nd Amendment

Our country was founded on the basis of the Second Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms is key to keeping government in its place. The first step for any oppressive regime is to disarm the populace. Joe will always support an individual’s right to protect his/her family and will never support additional restrictions that do nothing but burden legal gun owners.

Making Adoption Easier

Joe believes that we must act on our convictions. As a strong pro-life activist, this means passionately promoting the option of adoption by cutting away the red tape and making it easier and more affordable for Ohioans to grow their families.

Protecting Our Founding Values

Joe will fight to shrink the size of government and ensure that the levers of government are not used to minimize the freedoms of Ohioans. Joe believes in more liberty and freedom and less government


Joe believes that the education of our children should be controlled by families and local schools, not the state or the federal government. Joe will fight to end common core and equip local communities with the tools they need to give children a top notch education and more opportunities

Fight Against Socialism

The scourge of socialism has reared its ugly head in our country. Joe will adamantly push back against the acceptance of socialism by touting the principles of the free market and capitalism, which has fueled the success of small businesses, entrepreneurs and co

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