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Screen Education Seminar at Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center

Seminars I’m offering at Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center for 2020/2021

·I’m offering 5 seminars at Cincinnati State

·These are 2-hour seminars

·We may expand them to longer courses next year

Open Enrollment vs. Customized Courses

·We are offering two types of tech addiction courses: open enrollment and customized

·Open enrolment courses are scheduled roughly ever other month, and will be held on Cincinnati State’s campus

·We are offering two open enrollment courses

·For customized courses we will work with an employer to customize the course for their employees, and we will come on-site to their workplace to deliver the courses

·4 of the courses are for employers, 1 is for schools

Open Enrollment Courses

·Introduction to Digital Addiction provides a global view of the problem of tech addiction, and will provide general principles for addressing it that can be applied to any setting --- school, work, home

·Developing A Smartphone Policy For Workplace Safety is for managers, supervisors, executives, HR managers, and provides a framework for developing, implementing and enforcing a smartphone policy at work to keep work safe, and to keep employees productive

Customized Courses

·Creating a Digital Wellness Culture at Your School provides teachers and administrators with a plan for creating a digital wellness culture

·Screen Time and Personal Health and Wellness is for employees and takes a whole health approach to addressing the problem at work, at home, at school for their kids, and for themselves

·Controlling Your Phone Use to Optimize Work Performance is for employees and is a complement to the workplace phone policy seminar for managers

Seminar Schedule

·The first two dates for the open enrollment courses will be Wed. Sept. 16, and Wed. Oct. 14


·Cincinnati State is putting up a new website, and they are delayed a few days because they were closed last week due to a water main break, so anyone interested in registering right now can call the school at 569-1643

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