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Robbie Gayheart - Practical Defense Training. Gun Bill Proposal

Robbie Gayhart – Owner/Instructor for Practical Defensive Training, LLC

Based in Northern Kentucky - Focused on teaching concealed carry, firearm safety and defensive firearms skills (pistol & rifle) to the civilian market.

NRA, USCCA certified Instructor, Competitive Shooter, Life-long learner - continue to train with top national talent and bring those skills/knowledge back to my students 

Website –

1.Establish a database of every firearm in the nation and a mechanism to track those firearms:

a.complete with make, model, serial #, purchase date, firearm owner and storage location

b.The identity and location of any person a firearm is loaned to the duration of loan

c.History tells us… registration always precedes limitation and then confiscation.

d.Every dictatorship, despot and communist government has always instituted forfeiture of arms prior to mass genocide

2.Require each citizen to have a license from DOJ to possess firearms & ammunition.

a.without this license. Anyone in possession of a firearm or ammunition would be possibly charged with a felony.

b.Purpose is to subvert due process

c.Min 21 years old

d.Psychological screening

e.Interviews with spouses/family members

f.Disqualifications are purposefully broad

3.Further force you to obtain “firearms insurance” from the federal government at a cost of $800 PER YEAR

a.I am an advocate of getting self-defense insurance (USCCA, CCW Safe)

b.Personal decision

c.The goal of this measure is to continue to make gun ownership less affordable, exercisable

4.Bans of commonly owned items including:

a.numerous rifles, AR pistols & shotguns

b.50 caliber or larger ammunition (which is purposefully vaguely written in order to bans the largest possible selection of ammunition

c.Standard capacity magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds

d.Note – apart from this bill - Biden’s plan is to have modern defensive rifles, semi-automatics and standard capacity magazines fall under NFA restrictions requiring registration and $200 tax for each item.

5.Slap gun owners with mandatory minimum prison sentences and fines for so-called ‘violations’ of this proposed legislation

a.How has this worked on the continuing “War on drugs”?

b.$75k min fine for gun/$50k for standard magazines

c.15 years Prison for gun/ 10 years for standard magazine

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