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Brian Thomas

Based in Cincinnati, OH, the Brian Thomas Morning Show covers news and politics, both local and national, from a libertarian point of view.Full Bio


Empower U - March 4th

Part 1

Thea Shoemake joins EmpowerU from 7:05-7:25 pm to update us on Education and her new Podcast called “Everything’s Political”.Twenty-five years ago, after answering his umpteenth question about sports by using a political analogy, my husband asked: “Is everything political to you?  “No,” I responded. “Everything’s political, period.  Meet Thea and access a new, resource for Ohio and more.

Everything’s Political Podcast–Produced by Joe Strecker

Part 2

We have all encountered loss during the COVID-19 pandemic, loss of loved ones, loss of connections and loss of the freedoms we enjoyed before. As a result, many of us experience anger, frustration, and fear that at times can become overwhelming. Please join Erica Birkley in learning and practicing science-based strategies for effectively managing and regulating these emotions.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Erica Birkley is an Anderson Township resident, spouse, and mother to a 4-year old curious explorer. She is a psychologist and Assistant Professor within the UC College of Medicine. Dr. Birkley specializes in the treatment of stress, insomnia, anger, and depression among adults and couples. She loves bonfires with her neighbors, shopping Plants by Wolfangel, Zumba at the Mercy Anderson Healthplex, Beech Acres, A Fair of the Arts, Salem Garden’s burgers, and Coney Island’s tube slide.

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