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Brian Thomas

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Lexi Lausten For Trustee


Anderson Township has an excellent and strong sheriff and fire presence, making it one of the safest places to live in Cincinnati. I love raising my family here! As Trustee, supporting our sheriff and fire department and ensuring the safety of our residents will be an extremely high priority of mine.

As a nurse, I also recognize that a healthy community is a strong community – and as Trustee this will be an area of my focus by facilitating and supporting policies and proposals that attract and sustain innovative and multifaceted healthcare and wellness resources across Anderson Township.


An important responsibility of the Board of Trustees is budget planning and adoption, ensuring continued economic growth for Anderson Township.

Fiscal responsibility will be a driving factor in my decision-making and planning as Trustee. I plan to use my experience and education to promote targeted economic development for the advancement of Anderson Township.


As Trustee, I will commit to making responsible decisions related to contracts and thoughtfully consider citizen requests to continue to keep Anderson Township a beautiful, in-demand community with rising property values and robust economic development.

I hope to be voice for preserving the attractiveness and livability of this community and ensure we continue to see economic growth across the township.

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