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Ohio State Rep Nino Vitale analysis of HB 435 - with phone numbers!!!!

Top-Secret Republican "Vaccine" Bill Unveiled:

34 Pages That Do Almost NOTHING to Protect Your Medical Freedom.

After months of stalling and doublespeak on HB 248, yesterday, the Ohio House Health Committee passed a bare-minimum excuse of a "bill to protect medical freedom."

I was going to give it a letter grade of a D- but as I get a chance to read and think more about a bill just released yesterday around 2pm, it’s moving toward an F because it may actually be bad for your rights. I am still working through this and have no idea how I will vote. But I assure you, it will pass today.

As I've mentioned before, House Republicans refused to support the HB 248 discharge petition due to the excuse that "the legislation should not be rushed and we have to follow the committee process." So, Republican House Leadership introduced a bill with no language on the MOST CONSEQUENTIAL medical freedom issue of our lifetimes this Monday, voted the bill out of committee on Tuesday, but did not release the language until around 2pm. And scheduled it for a House Floor vote on Wednesday, this very afternoon.

If you are picking up on the sad inconsistencies and honestly, hypocrisy that this whole situation displays, you are not alone.

The bill had ZERO witnesses other than the bill sponsors and according to House Health committee members, the committee was given approximately 5 MINUTES to attempt to vet the 34-page bill and its accompanying documents (legislative analysis/comparison document, fiscal note, and sponsor testimony) prior to the committee meeting at which they voted to approve the bill and send it to the House Floor.

The above-listed documents total 48 pages... Do you honestly think that the committee members were able to read, much less vet and analyze, those 48 pages in 5 MINUTES before voting on what may be one of the MOST CONSEQUENTIAL issues of your lifetime? That amounts to approximately 7 seconds per page.

While they may not have read those pages, I did. Sadly, after TWO YEARS of Ohioans' calls and emails crying out and pleading for their representatives to DO SOMETHING to protect medical freedom, this bill is a bare-minimum excuse of a "bill to protect medical freedom" compared to HB 248.

The bill has a few positive points along with some very problematic and concerning omissions which leave many Ohioans unprotected. But as always, I will let you analyze and read it for yourself. A quick summary and the link to the bill documents are located below:

Sadly, all this will do is allow the reps who vote yes to claim they ‘did something great’ on the issue and MANY people don’t pay close attention. They will just see the headlines, that have already been pushed across the amber waves of grain telling you how CONTROVERSIAL this legislation is or how much PROTECTION you will now have. Fraud Alert. That is propaganda and untrue. This bill does practically nothing and provides almost no protection nor recourse or penalty if you are forced to vax or lose your job.

Here are just a few of the Problematic & Concerning Points:

- DOES NOT PROHIBIT employers, schools, or any entity to require Covid tests as often as they choose. You could be tested TWICE A DAY if they want to.

- ALLOWS entities to require YOU TO PAY FOR THE MEDICAL TESTING required to prove your natural immunity and obtain your exemption. And currently, there’s no agreed upon test so they could claim the test you are using is invalid and doesn’t count.

- ZERO PROTECTION for Medical Privacy regarding questioning and inquiries about your vaccination status.

- ZERO PROTECTION from vaccine status discrimination.

- ZERO PROTECTION from mask mandates by any entity.

- ZERO PROTECTION from mask mandate discrimination for those who choose not to take the experimental elixir.

- ZERO PROTECTION from contact tracing.

- ZERO PROTECTION from quarantining of the healthy.

-NO RECOURSE – If your employer wants you vaxxed, the only recourse you have is to the Civil Rights Commission. They take months if not years to hear cases and decide on them. And this may cost you huge legal fees. In the meantime, you have no paycheck. It’s also a government entity guarding a government entity.

- ZERO PROTECTION from "Vaccine Passport" mandates by any non-government entity. So under this bill, you will be able to visit a government agency without a "Covid Passport," but if a grocery store decides they want to mandate a "Covid Passport," you might not be able to feed your family. They say this is due to "not infringing on the rights of private businesses." I demand and fight for the rights of private business from government infringement at every turn. That being said, it is abundantly clear that we as human beings have rights granted to us by God and protected by the Constitution to determine what goes into our bodies and no business has a God-given or Constitutional right to trump that.

- ALL of the bill's provisions/exemptions expire in 2023 due to a Sunset Clause that was put into the bill. So even the so-called exemptions expire. Your medical freedom has an expiration date.

- ZERO PROTECTION if you change jobs after the bill goes into effect. So if the bill becomes law on Monday, and you start a new job on Tuesday, once you start your new job, YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR AN EXEMPTION under this bill.

- ZERO PROTECTION if you work for OR study under an entity with certain affiliations to a children's hospital and/or ICU or what a hospital deems to be critical care unit. If you or a loved one works in any of those areas, YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR AN EXEMPTION under this bill.

- ZERO PROTECTION if you work for specific medical/infectious research-related entities: YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR AN EXEMPTION for under this bill.

- REQUIRES that the Ohio Department of Health adopt rules outlining the timeline for which students and employees with natural immunity have to be retested to see if their exemption still applies. This gives ODH more power. Haven’t we had enough of the medical dictatorship we’ve been living under for the past 18 months?

- REFUSES Workers Compensation Benefits for vaccine injuries if the vaccine was not FDA-approved at the time the vaccine was administered. (So injuries from shots received under the current FDA extended use emergency authorization appear to be uncovered.)

- AUTHORIZES an emergency use authorization vaccine to qualify in the state of Ohio to satisfy the requirements of an entity for receipt of an FDA approved Covid shot.

And IF you do qualify for an exemption under this bill, meaning that you don't fit under the "Not Exempt" categories AND you do not change jobs after the bill would become law, don't forget that there is ZERO language in this bill that would protect your God-given medical freedom past 2023.

To be exact, under this bill, your Medical Freedom is set to "expire" on June 30, 2023:

All of that being said, sometime after 1p.m. today, this bill will come up for a vote and like every bill that comes my way, I will have to decide how to vote on it. I support all bills that advance medical freedom, but the last 7 years have shown me that leadership's standard operating procedure is to draft and pass weak bills like this one, to "check the box" for whatever the issue may be, for an endorsement when the next election cycle comes around and fool the voter into thinking they ‘did something’ on whatever issue they claim to have done something when in reality what they did was so weak it did nothing, but they claim it was fantastic, issue resolved. Go away citizen, leave us alone!

When a weak bill is passed, the momentum is lost and then whenever a conservative representative tries to do anything further on the issue, leadership tells them "we already passed a bill about that" and the issue is moot and dead.

I have been very clear about the many shortcomings of this bill and the fact that it is not even close to what I have been fighting for the last two years. I am not even sure this bill moves the marker closer to medical freedom. It may actually be harmful. But since I have had so little time to read and study all the language, it’s hard to say. How would you vote on a bill that is technical in nature and you have less than 12 waking hours to study it? What if you press the green button and it really does nothing and you perpetuate the lie that something was done? Or worse, what if you push the green button and find it actually has language harmful to Ohioan’s freedom?

That being said, the fight for medical freedom must NOT stop with the passage of HB 435. There is still MUCH that is needed to be done to protect medical freedom and just like your calls and emails prompted the drafting of HB 435, now is the time to redouble your efforts and impact on this issue. It is imperative that the momentum on this issue is not lost, that Ohioans are not lulled back into complacency and that Ohioans continue to charitably, but clearly demand ACTION to PROTECT their medical freedom at every opportunity.

Click, call and tell them, we want strong medical freedom protection.

Keep your member on speed dial and let them know that this issue is important to your vote and that you are not going away.

“I want government so small you can barely see it and so efficient you barely have to pay for it.” Rep. Nino Vitale

(wow are we a long way from that today)

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