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The Bengals WON for Grippo's and Honor Flight

The Bengals WIN, and are going to the SUPER BOWL !!


Announce -- WE are WINNERS too!

Terri Baker, President of the Grippo Potato Chip Company, Cincinnati’s only family owned and family operated snack food company had a friendly wager with the Guys Snack Company in Kansas City before the Championship Game.

Whatever team won the game – That city’s snack company won the wager and the other city’s snack food company was to give $5000 to the charity of the winner’s choice.

The BENGALS brought it home for Cincinnati !

Honor Flight Tri-State was chosen as the recipient of this generous donation in honor of Ralph Pagel, the 3rd generation owner. Mr. Pagel served in the U.S. Navy Seabees during the Vietnam war.

Ralph Pagel served as the President of Grippo’s from 1982- 2019. Sadly, he passed before he could go on his Honor Flight. Honor Flight Tri-State worked with his daughter Ms.Teri Baker and her father Ralph to schedule and reschedule his trip as his health changed. The professionalism and kindness shown Ralph and Teri while booking his flight and after his passing stayed with Ms Baker. This is the reason she picked Honor Flight Tri-State.

Thank you again, Guys Snacks for their donation of $5000 to Honor Flight Tri-State. Their donation will help so many veterans go to Washington DC.

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