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Empower U March 15th with Jim Renacci

Tonight's Schedule of Events:

Jim Renacci and a

Discussion about the Death Penalty

  • 6:30-7:00 PM -- Meet Jim Renacci and 
  • 7:00-7:30 PM -- Hear from Rebecca Heimlich on the Death Penalty
  • 7:30-8:30 PM -- Hear from Jim Renacci About His Plans for Ohio

While in Congress, Jim earned a reputation for being a principled conservative and effective legislator. He quickly rose through the ranks to serve on the Committee on Financial Services, as vice-chair of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, and as a member of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. After just two years, Jim was named to the powerful Ways and Means Committees and Budget Committees. 

Jim's track record as a blue-collar entrepreneur demonstrates his only allegiance has ever been to the very people who D.C. bureaucrats forcibly unemployed that fateful day in an Ohio car dealership - the everyday Americans forgotten by the Swamp. He represents the people's hopes and fears, bringing actionable results back to the working people who gave him a voice.  

Note: In the previous email it was advertised that Jim's running mate, Joe Knoop would be joining this event.  Joe is not able to join us at our event.  


From 7:00-7:30 PM--Twenty-three states have banned the death penalty, and governors have placed moratoriums on the death penalty in three more states. In Ohio, two bi-partisan bills (one in the House and one in the Senate) have been introduced to end Ohio's death penalty. Why are more and more conservatives reconsidering their stance on this issue and joining the effort to ban Ohio's death penalty?

Ohioans To Stop Executions Executive Director  Hannah Kubbins and Conservative Outreach Coordinator Rebecca Simpson will talk about the reasons conservative opposition to the death penalty is growing. For example, some of the reasons include the exorbitant cost to taxpayers, the significant number of those sentenced to death being later exonerated, its ineffectiveness in deterring violent crime, and the proper role of a limited government. Hannah and Rebecca will also talk about the status of the two pending Ohio bills, how to learn more and keep up to date on the progress of the bills, and ways to engage on this important issue.


Speakers' Bio:

Jim Renacci- In 2009, the Obama Administration took over General Motors, shuttering dealerships across the country- including Jim's in Northeast Ohio. Shutting down Jim's dealership killed 50 good-paying jobs in his community - and Jim wasn't going to stand by while neighbors were going hungry. How could Washington blatantly interfere in the everyday lives of hard-working Americans who wanted nothing more but their own chance at the American Dream?

In 2010, Jim filed to run for U.S. Congress in Ohio's 16th Congressional District, taking on a well funded Democratic incumbent. Jim won the election by 9 percent.


    Hannah Kubbins- Hannah started at OTSE as a research intern during her senior year at Denison University (2017). She joined the full time staff after graduating and now serves as the organization's Executive Director. Hannah has played a significant role in coordinating the NoDeathPenaltyOH campaign, which represents a diverse number of organizations all with the same goal in mind of repealing Ohio's death penalty. Hannah oversees, manages, and implements the campaign and statewide strategy to repeal Ohio's death penalty. She also serves on the board of the Columbus chapter of America's Future. 


Rebecca Heimlich: : Rebecca is an attorney with Finney Law Firm and has recently joined Ohioans to Stop Executions' team as its Conservative Outreach Coordinator. Rebecca has more than 25 years of diverse advocacy and litigation experience, and has served as an assistant prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and State Director for Americans for Prosperity Ohio. Rebecca has been staunchly opposed to the death penalty since her experience working in the criminal justice system early in her career. Rebecca's focus areas at Finney Law firm include litigation and labor and employment matters as well as government and public affairs and small business assistance and advocacy. 


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