Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas

Based in Cincinnati, OH, the Brian Thomas Morning Show covers news and politics, both local and national, from a libertarian point of view.Full Bio


Shelley Funke Frommeyer for Kentucky Senate


I am 100% committed to the rights of the unborn and elderly!

Let there be no doubt. I am Pro-Life.

And I will fight tirelessly to advance legislation that protects the rights of the unborn and for legislation that protects women's health.

But in addition, a pro-Family agenda means we must protect businesses and social service providers from unnecessary government intervention and manipulation of laws that infringe on individual rights and religious freedoms. I will promote policies to encourage creation and continuation of small businesses throughout the community without government interference.


I will stand up for Second Amendment rights!

We must never give up our rights as citizens to keep and bear arms in the defense of our homes or businesses, or any of the other freedoms guaranteed under the Constitutions of Kentucky and the United States. That is why I am an Ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment and will always vote to protect it from being infringed upon.


Ethics, fiscal responsibility, and absolute transparency!

Government should be transparent and ethical. But we need leaders who will stand up. That is why I will work to understand and resolve the election integrity issues before November 2022, focus attention on fiscal issues leading to the lowest workforce participation by women since 1998, and hold accountable those state employees who created a complete boondoggle in the unemployment system while tens of thousands of Kentuckians went without assistance.

In addition, we should have higher standards for our legislators which would include more transparency relative to donations, gifts, trips, and other items that lead to more cost to the taxpayer and may induce favorable actions of the legislature. And I will fight to give voters reasonable time to review and provide input on pending legislation by requiring bills to be published for 24 hours for public review before voting action is expected.

As a Certified Financial Planner, I have a fiduciary responsibility to act and advise with care and diligence in my clients’ best interests. As your State Senator, I will dig deep into our fiscal soundness on behalf of the taxpayers in this Commonwealth. I will act as your trusted fiduciary!

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