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Empower U - April 19th - Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy

Visits EmpowerU!

The Author of Woke, Inc., Vivek Ramaswamy visits EmpowerU tonight.  In tonight's topic Vivek will focus on how there is a cartel of the top 3 largest asset managers in the world (Blackrock, State Street, and Vanguard) that pushes a one-sided political agenda. This cartel uses not their own money, but the money of retirees, pensioners, the American people at large to advance their goals in a way that betrays their fiduciary duty to their clients and that would make their clients' blood boil if they knew what was going on.

Vivek will also touch on his book, Woke, Inc. that makes the case that politics has no place in business, and sets out a new vision for the future of American capitalism. In the book Vivek talks about an invisible force at work in our economic and cultural lives. It affects every advertisement we see and every product we buy, from our morning coffee to a new pair of shoes. "Stakeholder capitalism" makes rosy promises of a better, more diverse, environmentally-friendly world, but in reality, this ideology championed by America's business and political leaders robs us of our money, our voice, and our identity.

We also expect that Vivek will talk about the new book he is writing that is due to be released September 13, 2022-Nation of Victims.  The book talks about America's inner spirit and how that spirit has been domesticated by a new culture that rejects excellence and embraces victimhood.  Hardship is now equated with victimhood. Outward displays of vulnerability in defeat are rewarded more than winning unabashedly. The pursuit of excellence and exceptionalism are at the heart of American identity, and the disappearance of these ideals in our country leaves a deep moral and cultural vacuum in its wake.

Meet Cincinnati native Vivek Ramaswamy tonight at tonight and ask your questions.

Speaker Bio:

Vivek Ramaswamy founded Roivant Sciences, a biopharmaceutical company, in 2014, after a career as a successful biotech investor. A 36-year-old first-generation American, he is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School. Vivek became a hedge fun partner in his 20's, and grew up the child of immigrants in the small town of Evendale, Ohio.  He now lives with his wife Apoorva and their son Karthik.  Vivek took on the nation last year and published his book Woke, Inc. which takes you behind the scenes of corporate boardrooms.  Vivek will share with us what has happened since the publication of Work, Inc and also share information about his new book which comes out in September 2022 called Nation of Victims. 

Mr. Ramaswamy serves on the board of directors of the Philanthropy Roundtable and the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity. In his new book Woke, Inc. Vivek takes you behind the scenes into corporate boardrooms and five-star conferences, into Ivy League classrooms and secret nonprofits, to reveal the defining scam of our century.  The book begins as a critique of stakeholder capitalism and ends with an exploration of what it means to be an American in 2021. Vivek is a graduate of St. X High School and has recently been turning heads on Tucker Carlson's show and on the Opinion pages of the Wall St. Journal.  

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