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Topic: A MASSIVE win across the pond (start reading list of headlines at the bottom and work your way up to get the gist). Nigel Farage has done us all a great service by giving us a roadmap should the “debanking” of conservatives pick up steam in the United States:


Shame, Fear Meant Even Rich and Powerful Didn’t Admit They’d Been Debanked Until Farage Broke Story

Brexit’s Nigel Farage Officially Launches Campaign to Take on Big Banks

Other Politicians Can Only Dream of Having the Influence of Nigel Farage, Says Top German Paper

Banks Making Huge Profits While Mistreating Public, Says Farage as Figures From Across Political Spectrum Reveal Debanking

Farage Brings Down Second Bank Boss: Coutts CEO Resigns in Wake of Debanking Scandal

Debanking: No Return to Politics, But a Crusade Against Cashless Society, Says Farage

Bank Execs ‘Read Riot Act’ as UK Govt Looks Outlaw Political Debanking in Farage Fallout

Scalp! Bank Boss Resigns With Immediate Effect Over Leaking Nigel Farage’s Private Information to BBC

BBC Apologises to Nigel Farage for ‘Inaccurate’ Reporting on Debanking

Farage Ups the Ante: Bank Faces £17.5 Million Fine as ‘Mr Brexit’ Files Complaint over Passing Info to BBC

UK Bank Boss Apologises to Nigel Farage… But Doesn’t Reverse Decision to Terminate His Bank Account

‘That Will Teach me For Trusting the BBC’: Top Journo Apologises to Nigel Farage

UK Government Looks Set to Take Action After Farage Debanking Saga: Report

Nigel Farage Debanked over Ties to Donald Trump and for Expressing Conservative Views, Bank Docs Show

Nigel Farage Warns of Cashless Society ‘Tyranny’ as UK Treasury Chief Latest to Have Bank Account Blocked

Debanking Has Arrived: Farage Pursues Legal Action as He’s Left Without Bank Account

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