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In God We Trust Project

EmpowerU Launches InGodWeTrustProject.coman Initiative to Place National Motto Images in Ohio's 614 Public School Systems


Springdale Ohio – Thursday, September 15, 2022–, a FREE University operating out of Southwest Ohio embarks on an new initiative to put God back into Ohio’s Public Schools. Reflecting on the wisdom of President Dwight David Eisenhower, we ask Citizens to join us in this important effort.


On February 7, 1954 President Eisenhower said, “Out of faith in God, and through faith in themselves as His children, our forefathers designed and built the Republic. We will recall the struggles of the Pilgrims, the testing of George Washington at Valley Forge, and the determined battle of Abraham Lincoln to save the Union:  All of these men shared a steadfast belief in God.” 


On July 30, 1956, two years after pushing to have the phrase “under God” inserted into the pledge of allegiance, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a law officially declaring “In God We Trust” to be the nation’s official motto of the United States of American and also mandated that the phrase be printed on all American paper currency. 


In October 2006, the Ohio legislature passed Revised Code Section 3313.801 which says: Individuals are able to donate a framed item that includes our National Motto to any of Ohio’s 614 public school districts of their choice and that district is required to put the item with the National Motto in their auditorium, Cafeteria or a School Room.


Based on this unique Ohio Law, EmpowerU will help Ohioan's to put God back in Ohio’s School Rooms by creating framed items for individuals to donate to school districts in Ohio of their choice. Under this State law School Districts are obligated to hang the items in a Cafeteria, Auditorium or Class Room. All framed items ship with a History of our National Motto which is plaqued and ready to hang. Examples of Framed Items offered are as follows:  



Ohioans are encouraged to sponsor a School District by provided a Framed In God We Trust Item to a School District in Ohio. To Sponsor a School District Citizens go to:  EmpowerU's goal is to place 307 National Motto items in 50% of Ohio's Public School Districts by December 31, 2022.  To learn about a similar initiative implemented in Texas--Click Here.


About EmpowerU


EmpowerU is a series of free seminars taught by subject matter experts designed to Educate*Enjoy*Engage.  Classes are intended to empower attendees for future success.  Most classes are free with advanced RSVP; and the website contains course synopses, site locations, and reservations. The current semester of 19 classes runs through November 2022 with courses held online and in Cincinnati.  Most courses are “Virtual” courses which can be a attended in person, or on-line. #EmpowerU

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