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Who are the Blue 22?

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Who are the Blue 22? 

The Blue 22 are the twenty-two Republicans who betrayed voters by joining 32 Democrats to elect "moderate" Speaker of the House Jason Stephens. The Republican caucus had voted Derek Merrin Speaker of the House a month prior, but behind closed doors Jason Stephens cut a backroom deal with Democrat leadership. In return for their Democrat support, Stephens would kill pro-life legislation, school choice legislation, and hand the Democrats more seats in redistricting. It was the WORST DEAL in the history of Ohio politics and a dark day for Republicans. The Blue 22 are: 

Tom Patton

Sara Carruthers

Brett Hillyer

Al Cutrona

Cindy Abrams

Jean Schmidt

Mike Loychik

Kevin Miller

Gail Pavliga

Jeff LaRe

Haraz Ghanbari

Monica Blasdel

Jon Cross

Tracy Richardson

D.J. Swearingen

Bob Peterson

Jason Stephens

Don Jones

Bill Seitz

Jay Edwards

Scott Oelslager

Bob Young

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