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HAMCO Prosecutor Melissa Powers - Elder Justice Unit

·         WHAT:

o   Help prevent the financial exploitation and abuse of seniors in Hamilton County

o   Provide resources to law enforcement, banks, community members to aid in prosecutions when a crime against the elderly does occur

o   Represent HCJFS – Adult Protective Services to protect seniors and help seniors and families navigate the probate court process

·         WHY:

o   National Council on Aging stats: nearly 5million seniors are abused each year

o   A growing senior population and increased reliance on technology create a situation where scams are prevalent – and bad guys are taking advantage

·         HOW:

o   Education – 

§  We will be out in the community offering education to seniors and their families to help prevent them from falling victim to scams

o   946-SCAM

§  Helpline resource for people to contact if they have been scammed, are receiving calls they believe might be scammed, or if they think they or their family members may be a victim

§  This will help us get real-time information about scams that are going around our community

o   These scams are constantly changing and regularly come from out of the country – or are difficult to track

§  So education and prevention are key

o   When we can identify a perpetrator, we will have prosecutors on-hand who specifically know what to look for and how best to prosecute these cases

·         *If you see something that is suspicious, or feel like a senior in your life is vulnerable to something like this – CALL

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