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Americans For Prosperity - Border Security


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AFP’s Immigration Poll 


·        AFP in partnership with Public Opinion Strategies conducted a national digital survey of 1,000 registered voters between April 8th-11th. 

·        Data shows that 87% of Americans, including large majorities of Republicans and Democrats, favor a Four Pillars approach to addressing Border Security and Visa Reform.  

·        57% say that Border Reform is more important than anything else Congress could address today and over 70% say they would vote for a candidate who supports the Four Pillars framework. Americans expect Congress to take urgent action on simple fixes such as constructing more border wall, improving conditions for Border Patrol Agents (who happened to be the most trusted source for border security), and increasing personnel.  

·        Most Americans want strong border enforcement, to incentivize people to come the right way, and reforms that make our economy more competitive. 


·        Strong support for AFP’s Four Pillars on Border Security and Visa Reform: 


1.                 Secure Borders and Ports: 1) 92% want faster and more thorough inspections at ports, 2) 89% want to hire more border patrol agents and raise their salaries, 3) 85% want more civilian personnel to process asylum seekers, and 4) 67% want to complete the construction of the border wall. 


2.                 Increase American Competitiveness: 1) 90% want to make it easier for doctors who studied in the US to stay in the country, 2) 81% support a faster vetting process for workers in sensitive fields such as engineering and 3) 74% want a visa for entrepreneurs that are looking to launch new business ventures. 


3.                 Clear and Predictable Rules: Almost 90% want the following 1) to automatically detain and remove migrants who commit felons; 2) to create an office that simplifies the visa process and; 3) to create eligibility guides for international students looking to relocate to the US. 


4.                 Transparency, Accountability and Due Process: 90% want 1) monthly data of migrants who appeared on the Terrorist Screening Database and 2) migrants that DHS lost track of within the US. Close to 90% want the US govt. to share data on the number of illegal immigrants who successfully evaded Border Patrol (give ups)  

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