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George Brunemann - For Ohio House 29

"You cannot expect a problem to be fixed by the people who created it.

Now is the time for true problem solvers to step up

and make meaningful changes that benefit the taxpaying voters."

Running for office is not something that I ever expected to be doing but our current representatives are doing nothing to help the taxpayers who elected them. Over the last couple of years I have been focused on township and school district issues. In both cases the soaring rate of property taxes is strongly influenced by poor policies enacted in Columbus. We need to take action at the foundation of the problem and we will need the support of all dedicated citizens to win in March and have a chance to start making real change in Ohio.

Here is a quick summary of my background:

  • Personal
    • Husband with two children and four grandchildren
    • Singer with St William Choir and Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra
    • Lifelong Westside resident with brief excursions to Indiana
  • Education
    • Elder High School, Valedictorian
    • BS Computer/Electrical Engineering, University of Evansville, Summa Cum Laude
    • MS Computer Engineering, University of Cincinnati, Summa Cum Laude
  • Professional
    • Small Business Owner for the past 20 years, NgEK Inc.
    • An engineering consulting firm specializing in control of extremely complex systems (jet engines, diesel engines, commercial powertrains and hybrid commercial vehicles)
    • Known for “out of the box” innovations including 16 US Patents
  • Political
    • Became active in 2009 when in the first 100 days of Democrat rule, the government took over two car companies and a bank while borrowing over a trillion dollars.
    • Started a local Tea Party and was President of the Cincinnati Tea Party in 2012.
    • Started RestoreLiberty.US in 2021 to focus on communication, analysis and coordination of local efforts.
    • Work on local School and Township issues highlighted the need for change at the state level to remove the emphasis on constant property tax increases.

Contact Info:





   Brunemann Friends Of Liberty

   7237 Austin Woods Lane

   Cincinnati, OH 45247


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