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2-11-17 - Miniature Roses

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may be considering the gift of cut flowers, especially roses.  Great gift, and are very romantic flowers, no doubt.  But look at also giving flowers that will keep growing and giving long after Valentine’s Day is over.

That’s why we have chosen Miniature Roses as our plant of the week!  One of my favorite indoor winter bloomers, mini roses are fairly easy to grow indoors, and will flower off and on all winter.  When spring arrives and the chance of frost is about over, take your mini rose outdoors (acclimate for q week being outdoors / in the sun), and plant it in the ground or in a large containers for all summer color!  Yes, they’re very hardy and will come back year after year with those great mini flowers!  Now Clarke, that’s a gift that keeps on giving!  (Indoors – give them as much bright light as possible – let get close to dry before watering (use warm water) – feed regular indoor plant food at 1/2 normal rate each month – deadhead spent flowers – rinse entire plant with warm water every 2-3 weeks.)

Other living options for Valentine’s Day:

-African Violets are fairly easy to grow and can flower year round with minimal care. 

-Cyclamen is another easy to grow indoor plant with great foliage, and an assortment of bright colors that will light up any winter season.

-Primrose are actually perennials that can be grown indoors now for their beautiful flowers, then planted in the garden come spring where they’ll come back year after year.

-Gerbera Daisies are annuals grown for indoor flowers over the winter and outdoor flowering for the summer.

-And how about orchids?  Very romantic flowers, orchids symbolize delicate beauty that is rare and treasured; now that says something special!  Phalaenopsis orchids are probably the most common orchid you’ll find, as they’re one of the easiest to grow!  These wonderful orchids will produce a single multi-branching flower spike in late winter and spring that lasts for weeks and weeks.  Just look at all the wonderful colors you’ll find with Phalaenopsis orchids.

Clarke, those are gifts that keep on giving!

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