Is Your Mower Ready?

Spring is here and time to get mowing.  You had your mower serviced already, right?  NO?  You want to do it yourself?  Well, you’re much more brave than me, as I think it’s worth the $75 or so to have a professional make sure my mower is up to top level mowing performance.  Nevertheless, if you’re going to do this one on your own, here’s a few things I think are most important to get that mower ready for the lawn:

-Still have the owner’s manual?  If so, most have a check-off list of things to do to service your mower.  If not, remove the sparkplug and take it from there:

-Overall inspection of cables (worn, do they move well, etc), wires, bolts and nuts tightened, wheels firmly attached and not worn, etc.  If it’s a pull starter, give the rope an easy pull just to make sure all is well.  Electric start – make sure the battery has been charged and ready to go.  Lubricate moving parts that need a little lube. If you’d like to do a little touch up on the paint job, here’s a good time to do that.  And make sure the height adjustments are locked into place (remember to mow higher than lower).

-Did you clean out the underside of the mower when you put it away last fall?  If not, get ‘er cleaned out!

-While you’re there, did you have the blade sharpened?  If not, remove the blade, go get a new one, and drop off the old one to be sharpened.  That way you have two blades and no down time waiting to have one sharpened!

-Okay, now let’s go for the engine. Take a look at in the oil…look good?  No floaters?  Fill or replace as needed.  Inspect the air filter and replace if needed.  (Just do it.) 

-Now let’s replace that sparkplug with a new one, make sure all connections are good, and fill with new gasoline.  You’re ready to give it a shot.  Fire it up and let’s get mowing!

Ps…if it doesn’t start, and you’re like me (not a mechanic), get your mower to the local mower repair shop and have it serviced by the professionals.  I think we may have mentioned that at the beginning.  

Ron Wilson

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