4-8-17 - Creeping Phlox

Our plant of the week this week is pretty creepy.  But one thing for sure…okay two things…it has great colors, and it grows for Joe Strecker!   Our plant of the week is Phlox subulata, or commonly known in Joe’s landscape as the ‘Creeping Phlox’ (also called moss phlox, moss pink, and mountain phlox).  Now’s here’s an oldie but goodie herbaceous perennial groundcover that displays mats of brilliant colors every spring!  And when I say “mat”, we’re talking up to 6 inches tall and spreading about 2-3 feet.  At Joe’s, its in a raised planter box and actually cascades over the sides.  Most will flower in April / early May depending on the temperatures, love the sun, and prefers well drained soils.  After the show of colors (which can range from red-purple to violet-purple to pink to white, and even some close to blue), its becomes a green mat of foliage that somewhat resembles moss.  Always a spring favorite show of colors, especially for Joe’s neighbors!