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What NOT To Do With Your Spring Bulbs

Feeding Your Bulbs

As the spring flowering bulbs flowers begin to fade, if you have time, feel free to deadhead those spent flowers, but leave that foliage alone!  If you haven’t fed your bulbs this spring (best to feed before they flower) feel free to feed now as well, but leave their foliage alone.



If a few weeds are popping up where they’re growing, hand weed, spot treat with Roundup if you can, even apply a pre-emergent to help stop weed seeds from growing.



By the way, did I mention leaving the bulb’s foliage alone?  It’s best to let them stay green and grow as long as you can (grow until they begin to turn yellow), for new flowers to appear next year.  They need a minimum of 6 weeks or more of just good green foliage, before you should consider cutting them back.


Do not Braid the Foliage

And by all means, do not braid their foliage or bend them over and rubber band them together.


Digging, Transplanting & Dividing 

Once the foliage has yellowed, that’s the perfect time to dig, divide and transplant those spring bulbs if needed.

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