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From Rita's Garden - Red Bud Vinegar and Jelly

Did you know the flowers of the red bud tree are edible? These beautiful pinkish red blossoms make a delightful addition to spring salads and fruit compotes.

To make a lovely red bud vinegar put 1/4 cup red bud blossoms in a jar. Add 1 cup white wine vinegar. Let infuse until the blossoms bleed their color into the vinegar. Strain and use in place of white wine vinegar.

Or make this lovely jelly:

Red Bud Jelly

Pick 3 packed cups blossoms.

Pour 4 cups boiling water over.

Infuse overnight or 12 hours or so - a bit longer is OK.


Instructions for Jelly

3 cups infusion

3 tablespoons lemon juice

1 box pectin

4-1/2 cups sugar

Place infusion, lemon juice and pectin in big pan. Bring to a boil. Pour sugar in all at once. Stir constantly. Bring back to a rolling back - a boil you can't stir down with a spoon. Once you see the rolling boil, count 1 minute to cook. Remove from stove, pour into hot jelly jars and remove any foam that forms on top. Wipe jar rims with clean wet cloth, seal with caps & rings. Turn upside down 5 minutes to kill any bacteria on the lid. Turn right side up. Enjoy!

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