4-30-17 - Plants of the Week


Huge Blooms! This classic for the cutting garden will fill your vases with its bold blooms from perfect pinks to bright yellows!

Peonies continue to impress our gardens with their colorful spring to early summer flowers, perfect for cutting and bringing into the home, or simply enjoying them right where they’re planted.  And for those of you who have smaller gardens or restricted to container gardening, peonies in general can do quite well in containers.  But take a look at the selection of ‘Patio Peonies’.  Charming container plants (and for smaller garden spaces), you can add nostalgia and charm to your small garden or patio! These compact peonies grow up 15- 20" tall, compact habit, extremely sturdy upright stems (perfect for cutting!), and yes, extremely hardy.  Now don't let their small size fool you, as they are prolific bloomers adding both color and fragrance to your patio or small garden in late spring and early summer. (Several colors to choose from.)

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